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◆White garter for the bride;
◆Elastic silk band;
◆Sophisticated, elaborate lace;
◆Universal size (suitable for XS-L wearers)
Product description

When preparing for a wedding, the bride often pays a lot of attention to details, accessories...

So the bride's garter is one of the traditional accessories at the wedding celebration. The garter has a special symbolism - the newlyweds must remove this accessory from the young leg during the evening. The accessory is thrown to unmarried men, so this wedding attribute not only decorates the bride, but also has an important meaning.

On the morning of the wedding, every woman who is getting married is excited... However, excitement and a kind of charm, a woman knows in her heart that the happiest stage of her life is approaching. As this stage approaches, during the celebration, you want to look the most beautiful, the most charming woman for your chosen one.

In order to create the desired image, representatives of the fairer sex think about the details long before the wedding day. What dress to wear, what underwear, nightwear to wear and choose the most important accessories, one of which is the bride's garter. The exclusive accessory of the bride is hidden under the wedding dress, so it will not be noticeable throughout the evening.

Designed by the Chère Madam brand, the garter is extremely comfortable to wear, and the satin and silk elastic band around it will keep this jewelry from falling off the bride's leg throughout the evening. When creating the garter, the team chose a very classic image of the accessory.

The accessory is decorated with exclusive and sophisticated lace, soft traditional colors and looks great with your chosen image... Both during the celebration and in photos! The Chère Madam brand has thought about every detail when preparing a special collection for brides. As well as accessories, which are important and expensive for brides-to-be.

" Marry me " is delicate and wide - nightgowns, robes, and an important attribute - the bride's garter. By the way, this product can also be given as a gift to the bride-to-be!

As your day approaches, consider every detail that is important to you, take your time and choose a high-quality Lithuanian brand for your most expensive celebration.

Chère Madam, whose name reflects what this brand is about, is a luxurious woman... A special bridal collection created for you, with love ...

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