Lininiai marškiniai - Chère Madam
Lininiai marškiniai - Chère Madam
Lininiai marškiniai - Chère Madam
Lininiai marškiniai - Chère Madam
Lininiai marškiniai - Chère Madam
Lininiai marškiniai - Chère Madam
Lininiai marškiniai - Chère Madam
Lininiai marškiniai - Chère Madam

Linen shirt

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Advance order

The goods will be sent from June 5th!

◆New - 100% linen casual shirt!
◆Top quality Italian linen - 100%;
◆The color of milk;
◆Thoughtful details;

S size: chest up to 91 cm.;
M size: chest up to 97 cm.;
L size: chest up to 103 cm.
The model in the photos is 170 cm. tall, wears size S.
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Product description

Years go by, but some things don't change... Classic is the main idea of ​​our brand...

We create not only fashion and elegance for women, but we also consider durability and pay great attention to quality. Already last summer, we considered the idea of ​​adding new products, new fabrics to our assortment, and we finally realized it... Today we present to you the immortal classic - linen!

Linen is an extremely durable and undeniably luxurious fabric, and it's also eco-friendly. We have added a timeless classic to this season's summer range, with an undoubted touch of elegance: linen shirts!

Did you know that products made of linen are characterized by good air permeability, comfort and durability?

Chère Madam linen shirts are designed for a hot and memorable summer, extremely comfortable, classic cut - can you imagine any other description of comfort?

Our team is involved in this process from idea to implementation and strives to ensure the highest quality of clothing collections. The shirt is sewn from 100% of the highest quality linen fabric.

In the summer, this shirt will become your unbeatable companion - for a pleasant day at the sea or a warm evening in the city.

Our goal is to present the customer with comfortable, durable and stylish clothes, so we are happy to present the Chère Madam linen suit... Will you welcome the sunny summer of 2023 with an undoubted classic?

Made with love in Lithuania, for our lovely Chère ladies...

Return policy

The product(s) can be returned within 14 days*;
*Perfumed body mists cannot be returned or exchanged.

If you would like to return an item, please contact our team by email. by mail, we will send you a product return form*
*Please do not send the goods until you have received the information/return form from the Chère Madam customer service team

Products are returned/exchanged if the item is the wrong size; received with a defect; did not fit;

Returned products must be undamaged and packed in the original packaging;

Return shipping costs are not refundable;

Money for clothes is transferred within 14 days. from receiving the returned product, when the product is returned to the seller ( the product must be returned to the seller no later than 14 days after receiving the product );

If the customer finds a product/fabric defect after receiving the product, please inform the brand immediately, otherwise, in the case of a return situation and without notifying the seller about the product defect, it will be considered that the defect occurred due to the customer's fault and the money for the product will not be returned, and the product sent back to buyer.