Pasteliniai naktiniai - Chère Madam
Pasteliniai naktiniai - Chère Madam
Pasteliniai naktiniai - Chère Madam
Pasteliniai naktiniai - Chère Madam
Pasteliniai naktiniai - Chère Madam

Pastel nightgowns

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Product description
Dreamy and seductive, this is how a woman looks when dressed in light Armani silk Chère Madam nightgowns.
French lace will fit elegantly on your skin and will make you feel light, fresh and feminine.
The lace detail around the bodice of the nighties will emphasize your body lines, giving your figure an hourglass silhouette...
Trust the most beautiful sunny mornings and calm, cozy evenings together with Chère Madam's exclusive design nightgowns!
Important: pastel nightgowns are not returnable, taking into account hygiene and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
Return policy

The product(s) can be returned within 14 days*;
*Perfumed body mists cannot be returned or exchanged.

If you would like to return an item, please contact our team by email. by mail, we will send you a product return form*
*Please do not send the goods until you have received the information/return form from the Chère Madam customer service team

Products are returned/exchanged if the item is the wrong size; received with a defect; did not fit;

Returned products must be undamaged and packed in the original packaging;

Return shipping costs are not refundable;

Money for clothes is transferred within 14 days. from receiving the returned product, when the product is returned to the seller ( the product must be returned to the seller no later than 14 days after receiving the product );

If the customer finds a product/fabric defect after receiving the product, please inform the brand immediately, otherwise, in the case of a return situation and without notifying the seller about the product defect, it will be considered that the defect occurred due to the customer's fault and the money for the product will not be returned, and the product sent back to buyer.