Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam
Šilko rinkinys - Chère Madam

Silk set

Reguliari kaina €49,00
Išpardavimo kaina €49,00 Reguliari kaina
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Chère Madam naujiena!

◆Rankų darbo
◆Pagaminta Lietuvoje
◆Šilko rinkinys skirtas natūraliam odos ir plaukų grožiui puoselėti
◆Tinka alergiškai, probleminei odai
◆Padės išsaugoti švytinčią ir sveiką odą bei švelnius ir nelūžinėjančius plaukus
◆Sudėtis: 60% šilkas, 36% viskozė, 4% elastanas
◆Užvalkaliuko dydis: 50×70 cm (Standartinis)

Pagaminimo terminas iki 7 d.d.
Product description

Just one night on the soft and slippery silk will make you say goodbye to the usual cotton pillowcases forever. Untangled and smooth hair, invisible wrinkles on the cheeks from lying on the pillow, skin alive and soft. Everything seems even too good? Dermatologists have proven that silk is so gentle that it does not leave wrinkle marks on your face: It will not irritate your skin, because silk does not cause allergic reactions. Silk doesn't absorb moisture, so it won't strip your face of moisture or anti-aging cream. Silk is usually resistant to mold, fungus and dust mites. Silk bedding can last for many years when cared for properly, whether dry-cleaned or hand-washed. Silk will help keep your hair in shape overnight, it won't tangle, because your hair will slide through silk (unlike cotton), it won't tangle. It is believed that the amino acids in silk transfer proteins to the skin and hair. In order to preserve and nurture the natural beauty of women, Chère Madam has created a silk set, where you will find everything you need for sleep and beauty. The silk set is a luxurious set designed to nurture the natural beauty of skin and hair.

This set will help you maintain glowing and healthy skin and soft and unbreakable hair.

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